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Solorzano's Pizzerias

Franchise Opportunities

Want to be the owner of your own Solorzano's Pizzeria Franchise? Here's how...
  • First take the time to read and understand everything that is in this Franchise Opportunity Package.
  • Fill out the Application and everything else we asked for, including the Financial application* then submit all paperwork to:

    Solorzano's Pizzeria Siesta Key
    Att: Franchise Department
    215 Avenida Madera
    Siesta Key FL 34242
  • If the application is approved we will schedule a phone meeting on a date that works for both parties.
  • Before the phone meeting a Franchise Disclosure Form will be given to protect our secrets and recipes.
  • If everything goes well with the phone meeting we will then schedule a face to face meeting at one of our locations, to give you a run down of the Solorzano's Pizzeria Operation. We will see how you make pizza, if you have any experience in making pizza, and we will also be able to determine if this is something that would even work out. We don't just give out Franchise Opportunities to anyone, we have a certain criteria that they must meet (don't forget at the end of the day this is our families name, history, and recipes passed down from many generations).
  • If all goes well and we approve you, then the process of opening your first Solorzano's Pizzeria will begin!
* An application for each person/member of your franchise group is required to move forward (Including the managing operating partner). Prior food experience is preferred.

Franchisee Qualifications

It's not just about the money, we want every business with our name on it to succeed. That's why WE don't just except anybody, and WE decide who meets the criteria.
Personal Commitment To The Business Is Very Important
The food business is not for everyone, just because you like food does not mean you can own your own pizzeria or restaurant. Hard work, dedication, long hours, and ruff times is what every restaurant owner understands. With all that, the right recipes, and knowledge is what makes a business a successful and profitable one. You must also have people skills, and understand that the customer is always right. By going above and beyond to please your customer, is what keeps the doors open and the money coming in.

Financial Requirements / Costs

  • A minimum net worth of $500,000.00 is required per restaurant in cash, liquid assets, available financing, or a combination of all. Solorzano's Pizzerias Franchise does NOT provide any Financing or Funding.
  • Solorzano's Pizzerias Franchise does NOT provide any Financing or Funding.
  • Franchise Fee for owning your own Solorzano's Pizzeria

    The initial Franchise fee to open a Solorzano's Pizzeria location is $50,000.
  • Start-up Cost for the Pizzeria

    Depending on the state, site, location, and liquor the start-up costs can vary. They can go from $400,000 and up. These figures include the following:
    • Initial Franchise Fee
    • Lease Deposit Security
    • Computer System/ POS
    • Equipment, Fixtures and other tools
    • Exterior Store Signage and lighting
    • Leasehold Improvements
    • Insurance / Liability
    • Beginning Inventory
    • Architectural Design and Layout
    • Grand Opening Advertising / Promoting
    • Misc. and Working Capital which is very important
  • Franchise Royalty Fee for Solorzano's Pizzeria

    We take a percentage of gross sales every month based on your cash register POS sales. We have full access to your POS cash register to maintain quality and control of the sales. The royalty fee is 7% the first year, 8% the second year and 10% the third year through the remainder of the 10-year contract. We start the percentage low so you can get things going and invest back into you business, to insure a successful one. After the 10-year contract is over, you have the right to renew a new contract with a locked in 10% royalty fee for the remainder of the new 10-year contract.
  • Advertising

    You are resposable for all of your advertising, and must understand that advertising is a must do in the pizza business. We will point you in the right direction on what works and what doesn't when it comes to spending money in advertising, but still leave it up to you to decide.

Training / Support

  • Pizza Skills and Training

    The initial training program begins with orientation at one of our pizzerias, with some hands-on, and on-the-job training. Training is conducted 5-6 days per week for about a month, totaling around 200 hours. We reserve the right, at your cost of course, to require additional training until you meet our criteria. You do not get paid for training, and all hotel and other cost are all on you. Training will be held down in beautiful, sunny, Siesta Key Florida! We will point you in the right direction for hotels since we work with all the hotels on the Island.
  • Opening Assistance / Grand Opening

    We will guide and direct you from start to finish, and will be there on your grand opening to insure proper pizzeria operation takes place. We will help with site selection, ordering equipment, a point of sale system, signage, all that jazz. We will help you schedule and train employees, including yourself. We will be on site and help out for the first week, any additional time after that at your site is on your cost.
  • Continuing Support After the First Week

    We will always remain available to you to help resolve any operational problems (by phone) FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN A SOLORZANO'S PIZZERIA, which may develop during the day-to-day operation of your pizzeria. If you need us to come back to your site, other costs will vary and be charged to you.
    • ***Call Zoning & local Health Department for Food Safety Certification requirements***
    • ***Each partner must submit his or her own Application and Financial Information Sheet.***
    • ***Daily participation by an owner, spouse or family member is highly recommended and will generally produce better financial performance for the franchise***
    • ***Remember it takes about 90 to 120 days to open a Solorzano's Pizzeria Franchise depending on zoning / building department, after signing you lease***
Please fill out and print this form for your copies, and also email it over to to get the process started, thank you...
First Name:
Last Name:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Number of Stores to Develop:
Interested in purchasing an existing Pizzeria?:
If so, which one?
Where would you like to open a shop?:
Net Worth: (Minimum $500,000 Net Worth Required)

Franchise Application Questionnaire Agreement

  • "I/We understand that the purpose of this application questionnaire is for information only, and it is in no way binding upon either Solorzano's Pizzerias, or the applicant(s). I/We represent and warrant that the information supplied herein is complete and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge and understand that Solorzano's Pizzerias, relies on the information in assessing the desirability and qualifications of applicant(s) and, further, that additional information may be requested by Solorzano's Pizzerias I/We authorize Solorzano's Pizzerias, and its representatives to make inquiries it considers necessary and appropriate, including employment history checks, credit checks, credit reporting agencies, credit references and criminal background checks. I/We agree to supply statements and information from My/Our professional advisors including bankers, financial brokers, accountants and attorneys verifying the above financial statements. I/We agree to promptly notify Solorzano's Pizzerias, of any material change in any of the above information or any subsequent information provided to Solorzano's Pizzerias In addition, I/We release all persons from liability as a result of true, accurate information."
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